The Mushroom Houses on Park Avenue are perfect wedding accommodations.

There are many beautiful wedding venues in Northern Michigan, but when it comes to places for wedding guests to stay, few accommodations are more complementary to a wedding experience than The Mushroom Houses on Park Avenue in Charlevoix. Located across from Lake Michigan Beach Park, the properties ooze a magical charm unequaled anywhere in Northern Michigan. All three properties share a common yard, perfect for a large number of guests to spend quality time together.

Michael Seitz—Owner The Mushroom Houses, Park Avenue Charlevoix.

The Thatch House

The Thatch House rose from the original stone walls set by Earl Young. It was his first home built in 1918. The original house did not encompass Earl Young's unique hobbit style, but in a dramatic reimagining, it now exemplifies the fairytale magic of a Charlevoix mushroom house.
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The Chalet

The old carriage house once belonged to the famous Earl Young. Now it's a Charlevoix Mushroom House. A romantic retreat, completely redesigned and rebuilt. It shares the iconic roof of The Thatch House, but is separate with its own private entrances. An intimate getaway near downtown and the beach.
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The Cottage shares its grounds with the Grand Charlevoix Mushroom House known as The Thatch House. The Cottage was formerly known as "Young at Heart" to pay homage to the architect, Earl Young. It's bright and cheerful and perfectly comfortable for your family or friends.

The Mushroom Houses on Park Avenue are three separate accommodations. All three accommodations share the same grounds, so multiple families can gather on the terraces or enjoy a BBQ together. And it's all just steps away from the beach and a short walk to downtown Charlevoix.

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