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Four Unique Mushroom Houses. Vacation Rentals in Charlevoix

Perfect for a memorable vacation or a family reunion.
Ideal as wedding accommodations and perfect for corporate retreats.

Steps from the Beach. A short walk to downtown.

The Thatch House

The Thatch House rose from the original stone walls set by Earl Young. It was his first home built in 1918. The original house did not encompass Earl Young's unique hobbit style, but in a dramatic reimagining, it now exemplifies the fairytale magic of a Charlevoix mushroom house.
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The Chalet

The old carriage house once belonged to the famous Earl Young. Now it's a Charlevoix Mushroom House. A romantic retreat, completely redesigned and rebuilt. It shares the iconic roof of The Thatch House, but is separate with its own private entrances. An intimate getaway near downtown and the beach.
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The Cottage shares its grounds with the Grand Charlevoix Mushroom House known as The Thatch House. The Cottage was formerly known as "Young at Heart" to pay homage to the architect, Earl Young. It's bright and cheerful and perfectly comfortable for your family or friends.


A Charlevoix mushroom house landmark named for the apple trees on its two acre property. It looks like it jumped out of the pages of a storybook. Designed and built by Virginia Olsen, the daughter of Earl Young, it oozes Charlevoix Mushroom House charm. It's also one of Charlevoix's most beloved landmarks.

The Mushroom Houses of Charlevoix

My "Charlevoix Mushroom House ensemble" consists of four distinct homes, all "touched" by Earl Young. Earl Young was the famous eccentric builder/architect who lined the Park Avenue stretch in front of Michigan Beach Park with his wonderful creations.

I called the main house "The Thatch House", after I completely reimagined the original Arts-and-Crafts style and designed its new mushroom-style thatch roof. The carriage house, which is located directly behind the main house, I named "The Chalet". It shares the thatch roof of the main house—otherwise it's separate, with its own private entrances. Inspired, I also bought "Applecore Cottage" (8003 Mt McSauba Rd), a "Charlevoix Mushroom House" designed and built by Earl Young's daughter Virginia. "The cottage" (305 Clinton St), which shares the grounds with The Thatch House, completes my collection.

Enjoy your stay.


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